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E.MACBEAN is a high-end, UK swimwear brand set to launch in 2020. Responsibly designed utilising modern quality fabrications and technical development processes, the project is a creative collaboration between wife and husband duo, Eleanor and Andrew Ibi. The creative process starts with Photographer and Writer, Eleanor, identifying a number of unique literary heroines extracted from female authored books. The concept allows designer, stylist and artist, Andrew (along with Eleanor), to visualise design through extensive cultural referencing, covering areas that include literature, film, photography, dance, music and art. 

Driven by Eleanor’s razor sharp focus, the brand questions perceptions of female beauty, sexuality and the body through brand communication, reframing swimwear’s purpose as a powerful, female design form.


“The partnership is really important to our creative process, we bounce ideas around and experiment through a number of mediums - Illustration, photography, music, film and digital are all areas that we will explore in the future. Our ethos is to develop a brand and product able to create new conversations and ideas - E.MACBEAN is fearless”. 


“We wanted to create an alternative to the traditional swimwear narrative. Referencing our mutual love of art, design,  literature and music. Our pieces represent a responsible, inspiring and considered process, designed through a soft, sensitive  lens.”

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